We are Partime Manager, a professional services company that offers you local presence in Italy with your own Country Manager but with low running and maintenance costs. Our concept works. It gives a win-win advantage to both you and the manager in question. We rely on an excellent group of candidates. Professionals with many years of experience as managers in international contexts. We will present you the suitable manager to launch or improve your business in Italy. You will have your direct reference in Italy that you can rely on: your own Country Manager Part-time.

Obtain a lot for little! Advantages:
    - No punishing, binding and costly managerial contracts.
    - No employment contracts.
    - Minimal fixed costs for your Country Manager, but also less variable costs than
    - Possibility of quitting the contract whenever you desire.
    - Minimal penalty for quitting the contract.
    - In case you wish to change the manager for any reason, we provide you with a new
      manager quickly.
    - Low cost to enter the Italian market and 'try it', then expand or quit depending on
    - No (Italian) bureaucracy for opening/closing your branch office; with no related
      legal costs.
    - We help you enter the Italian market SOFTLY but SURELY.

Likewise we can offer you a local Purchasing Manager part-time. In case you purchase regularly in Italy or you purchase large volumes, it is advisable to have a professional purchaser that adds real value to what you buy and how you buy it. And this by negotiating directly using the manager's local knowledge. The costs of the Partime Manager for purchasing would be well motivated by saving you money and raising the quality of your purchasing. The advantages here are identical to the ones listed above. If you find this offer to your liking and wish to know more regarding costs and how it all works, feel free to email us at:

Partime Manager S.r.l. ® - Monza (MB), Italy - Partita IVA: 06697510961 - E-mail: